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Speaking Engagements and Resume Workshop Presentations

Experienced Resume Writer of over 16 years, Belinda Giardino can present to your group of any age or demographic. The presentation will cover all the Resume basics, such as layout and what NOT to include; Cover Letter writing; Selection Criteria writing, and plenty of tips and tricks to give your group the confidence to be job search ready. The presentation will be tailored and focused for the participants, whether they are secondary or uni students, adults, migrants or other specific groups. As Belinda has experience with almost every industry and job type, she can easily adapt to your group and create a specialised presentation, sharing many real client examples and situations. Belinda will also answer any questions the participants may have, specific to their own situation. For smaller group sizes, a "one on one" chat and resume review is available upon request.

Some relevant topics include:

  • Common issues faced by women writing their resume- eg: How to handle large career gaps.

  • Student focused issues- What to include if they haven't got much experience. 

  • Professional or trade industry- For those people who have had just one job for a long time.

  • Migrants- what to include in their Australian resume.

Contact Belinda on 0413 023 932 for more information.

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